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What We Offer

Our company's mission statement reflects what we offer: To act as an advocate for our clients by assisting them in understanding, simplifying and implementing financial plans that will help them reach their unique life goals.

Whether you need one-time advice, ongoing guidance or a second and reassuring opinion, Family First Financial Planning helps you create a realistic, easy to understand plan that gives you peace of mind now and plans for security well into the future. We work closely with you to clarify your life goals in order to make financial life plans that fit the unique circumstances you are facing. Our warm and welcoming approach has won the trust and loyalty of your neighbors since 1998. We feature convenient and flexible hours for consultations as well as video chat or in person appointments.

If you wish to preserve and protect what you have and make your financial dreams a reality you've come to the right place.

Please see the Fee Schedule for additional description of the various services we offer.

Typical Questions We Can Answer:

  1. Retirement Planning

Will we have enough to retire? Do we have enough to retire? Will we be able to retire when we're ready to? How should our investments best be allocated with retirement in mind?

  1. Financial Life Plan for special situations

What should I do with this inheritance? Will I ever be able to transition from this high paying job? How do I make my life desires come true?

  1. Planning for College

Have I made the right decisions for my children's education? What is the best way to help financially with my grandchildren's future? What are the best investment vehicles for college saving?

  1. New Family

How do we save for a new home? For a baby? For retirement? How can we fit savings into our budget? What are the best investment choices for savings? How much do we need to save?

  1. Divorce or loss of a Spouse

What do I do now? Who can I turn to for advice and guidance?

  1. Senior individuals and couples with out-of-state family/children

Who can help my parents with advice and guidance we can trust? Who can I trust for advice so that I don't have to turn to my kids too often for help? Is there someone I can rely on to be an objective sounding board?

  1. Women's Issues

How can I feel financially secure? How can I feel more confident about money and how to manage it? Who will help empower me when it comes to finances?

  1. Insurance Planning

Is life insurance needed and if so, how much? What about long term care insurance? What other insurance coverage should I have in place to protect me financially?

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