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Road trips and Barbeque

I just came back from a road trip from Georgia to Kansas City and back. With Covid causing travel restrictions, many are finding travel across the U.S. to be the answer. We went to visit a client and friend in Kansas City and while there were able to attend the World Series of Barbeque competition. I learned about burnt ends which are very good, and I wish I saw them on the menus at home. My doctor may not wish that though.
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Read this book, More Straight Talk On Investing by Jack Brennan

In his Afterword, Brennan gives you a 12-point list of what he considers are the book's most important principles.  As in all things, you can read the list but to be successful, you will need to understand it and have the discipline to put it into practice.  I feel Brennan's list is right on target and something we try to help our clients here at Family First Financial Planning.
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Healthcare Options – I must sit down as getting dizzy!

Depending upon your age, you may be covered under employer health insurance, have a standalone policy through affordable care, or you are on Medicare. Or perhaps you are a gambler and have no insurance. It is important to review your options and make the decision which is right for you.
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Fiduciary – What Does This Mean?

One may have seen the word "fiduciary" in the news or even on our website. What does this word mean and why is it important to you? As a recent article (, "Is Your Financial Planner Acting in Your Best Interest?") states "At a high level, the term “fiduciary” means to always put the client’s interest first. When working with a financial adviser, many people assume that’s always the case. However, that’s not always true.
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Death and Taxes - Why Estate Planning is Important

As Ben Franklin wrote, "But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." While we are in the midst of tax season, I would like to talk about death today.  It is not a pleasant topic and I know many who would just like to avoid the discussion. However, as a financial planner, I must often bring this topic up.  Where do you stand with estate planning? Do you have documents prepared? Have you looked at the documents recently?
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How much money can I put into my IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan?

How much money can I put into my IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan? IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans are subject to annual contribution limits set by the federal government. The limits are adjusted periodically to compensate for inflation and increases in the cost of living. IRAs For tax year 2020, you can contribute up to $6,000 to all IRAs combined (the limit is adjusted annually for inflation) which is unchanged from 2019. If you have a traditional IRA as well
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