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Read this book, More Straight Talk On Investing by Jack Brennan

In his Afterword, Brennan gives you a 12-point list of what he considers are the book's most important principles.  As in all things, you can read the list but to be successful, you will need to understand it and have the discipline to put it into practice.  I feel Brennan's list is right on target and something we try to help our clients here at Family First Financial Planning.  His list is as follows:


1. Develop a financial game plan.

2. Become a disciplined saver.

3. Start investing early and keep it up.

4. Invest with balance and diversification.

5. Control your costs.

6. Manage risk prudently.

7. Be a buy-and-hold investor.

8. Avoid fads and "can't miss" opportunities.

9. Tune out distractions.

10. Maintain a long-term perspective.

11. Give your portfolio an occasional tune-up.

12. Define "enough."


So simple his list seems but how many of us can keep our emotion out and follow these principles? As one client said," I know what I should do but I need you to help me do it." We are here to help you - to hold your hand, to keep you on the path, to talk you off of cliffs, and to rejoice in seeing your goals realized. I highly recommend you read this book and come see us. Investing does not have to be complicated. It just has to be right for you – understandable, simple, low cost, and planned.- Leslie Trowbridge, CFP®