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Why the tree? In many faiths and cultures, trees signify the interconnectedness of families throughout generations. The trunk represents strength and stability and the branches and leaves reach toward the sky symbolizing the importance of reaching out to heaven (and for your dreams). Trees provide shelter and provide the kind of stability one gets when he or she is financially secure. They lose their leaves, grow new ones, and some bear fruit… just like the stages of our lives. With nurture and care trees are a gift for today and for generations to come. At Family First Financial Planning, we can think of no greater symbol to hang our hats on… than the formidable, life-bearing tree.We specialize in the unique needs of everyday people. For consumers, that means affordable access to objective, expert advice as needed, including:

  • no net worth or account minimums required
  • no conflicts of interest regarding advisor compensation
  • no commissions
  • no sales pressure
  • no third-party sales incentives
  • no long-term contracts or asset management require


  • Family First Financial Planners hold the designation of Certified Financial Planning™ Professionals. 
  • Member: The Garrett Planning Network, Inc. Making competent, objective financial advice accessible.
  • Featured on the Fee Only Network
  • Family First Financial Planning is a Registered Investment Advisor in the states of Florida and Georgia. The presence of this website on the internet shall in no direct or indirect way be construed or interpreted as a solicitation to sell or offer to sell securities or investment advisory services to residents of any state other than the states of Florida and Georgia or where otherwise legally permitted or where an exemption or exclusion from such registration exists.

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