Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by hourly-only planning?

We do not sell investment products; therefore, we do not receive commissions from the sale of investment products. As a hourly-only financial planning service, conflicts of interest resulting from the sale or management of financial products are removed. We represent you and you alone.

2. What are some financial issues that you address?

At Family First Financial Planning, we work with clients on a variety of needs. A list of some of the financial topics explored at Family First is as follows:

  • Retirement planning
  • Investments
  • Need for wills, trusts, power of attorneys
  • College funding
  • Insurance needs – health, life, disability, long-term care
  • Taxes
  • Emergency fund planning
  • Budgeting
  • Debt consolidation/New loans
  • Credit improvement

3. Do you only provide a comprehensive plan or could you simply address one financial topic?

We work with clients on their specific areas of financial concern. Therefore, if you just need help in one area, such as retirement planning, college funding, or investments, we can work on that one need. Some clients may have several pressing needs and we can discuss all the needs in one engagement, or break it up into several engagements over the year. However, in order to serve you best, we will need to obtain information on your total financial picture.

4. What will be involved in preparing a financial plan?

The first step is to compile a complete financial statement and set goals. Through questionnaires, copies of statements, and interviews, we will prepare a statement of net worth. We will also help you prioritize and set financial goals for you and your family.

Your financial situation has many aspects (assets, income, insurance, taxes, business interests, wills, etc.) which will benefit from the careful scrutiny of a trained professional, who will analyze them in light of your goals and the current legal, tax, and economic environment.

Through this process, we will identify weaknesses and recommend improvements to help you get the most use out of every dollar.

Finally, we will help you coordinate the implementation of your plan, if desired and included in the engagement.

5. What is the cost of your financial planning service?

The cost is based on your particular financial situation and cannot be pre-determined without a meeting with a planner. Once we understand your goals and personal situation, we will provide you a fee quote, fixed fee or hourly range, as described more fully in the Fee Schedule.

6. Do you sell investment products?

We do not sell any investment products. We can work with your existing investments or advisor, or we can recommend investments that you can purchase directly at a bank, insurance company, online broker or mutual fund company.

7. How do I get started?

Click here to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you guide your family to plan smart and live well. 

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